Monday 11 December 2017

The Ultimate Danger of Populist Nationalism/Nationalist Populism

This is a written form of my short comments at the Crisis and Ethnopopulism: In Search of a New Framework of Interpretation workshop at CEU, Budapest December 5, 2017. I was asked to have some remarks to the Panel I Populist Weltanschauungen: Ideological resources and narratives, which had several distinguished scholars: Constantin Iordachi (CEU, History) On Fascism and Populism; Mikkel Thorup (Aarhus University, Department of Culture and Society) Populist Constructions of Ethnic Otherness in Scandinavia; Juan Francisco Fuentes (Complutense University Madrid, History) Nationalism and Populism in the Spanish Context; Tomasz Zarycki (Warsaw University, Institute for Social Studies) On the Social and Geographical Imaginaries of Polish Ethno-Populism; Andras Bozoki (CEU, Political Science) On the Populist Critics of the Transition.