Thursday 4 April 2024

Law and Democracy under the Pressure of Extraordinary Governance Measures (MPSA, 4 April 2024)

I had a lecture at 81st Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference, April 4-7, 2024, Chicago, IL.

Law and Democracy under the Pressure of Extraordinary Governance Measures. The Extraordinary Governance Measures in Hungary

The authoritarian populist right-wing has rapidly reborn in the field of authoritarian state and emergency governance, moreover the COVID-19 crisis gave a new rise this phenomenon mainly at the expense of civil society. The failures of liberal democracy opened the way of authoritarian populist right-wing populism in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), which on the one hand remained integrated into the neoliberal capitalism and on the other hand dismantled the legal basis of liberal constitutionalism. Investigating the authoritarian populist regime in Hungary, it has been argued that Hungarian authoritarian populism established this politics from the migration crisis of 2015 on the permanent state of exception and extraordinary governance measures (EGMs). The COVID-19 crisis and the war offered a new opportunity to maintain and extend the emergency measures. Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán found the way to capitalize the pandemic crisis and introduced the overlapping exceptional measures. Relying on the political theoretical and legal concept of exceptional governance, it has been argued and analysed in this paper that the new forms of authoritarianism in Hungary is based on the extraordinary measures.